GoHighLevel Power Dialer - Step by Step Guide 

June 10, 2024


Whether you’re an agency or a salesperson that is managing multiple sales reps, GoHighLevel power dialer is a tool that is incredibly useful in your sales process. If you've ever found yourself sifting through lists of leads, trying to figure out who to call next, then you know how much time that can take. Well, that’s where a power dialer comes in handy, and GoHighLevel has one of the best ones out there.

The GoHighLevel Power Dialer is designed to make the life of sales teams a lot easier. It automatically identifies the leads that need a follow-up call and lets you assign them directly to your sales reps. This means no more manual sorting through contacts or wondering who to call next—the power dialer sets everything up for you. So, if you’re looking to boost your sales team's efficiency and ensure they're focusing their efforts on the right leads at the right time, stick around! I’m going to dive deep into how the GoHighLevel Power Dialer works and why it might just be the tool you need to supercharge your sales process.

How GoHighLevel Power Dialer Works?

A Power Dialer, like the one GoHighLevel offers, is a smart tool that helps you manage and automate the process of making phone calls to leads. Here’s how it works in simple steps:

1. Setting Up the List:

First things first, we set up a list of leads that we need to contact. This could be a list of new leads who have just shown interest in our products or services, or perhaps a list of existing clients who need follow-ups.

2. Automatic Dialing:

Once we have our list set up, the Power Dialer takes over the calling process. It starts dialing the numbers on the list one by one. What’s great is that it automatically moves to the next number after a call is completed. This means there’s no downtime between calls, making our workflow super efficient.

3. Assigning to Sales Reps:

As the manager, I can assign specific leads to different members of our sales team right within the Power Dialer. Each team member gets a list of leads they are responsible for, which the Power Dialer helps them work through efficiently. This makes sure that everyone knows exactly who they need to call, and it keeps everyone organized.

4. Tracking and Analytics:

Another fantastic aspect of using the Power Dialer in GoHighLevel is the ability to track how the calls are going. I can see which calls were successful, which ones need a follow-up, and how long each call lasted. This helps us understand our sales process better and refine our strategies as we go.

Why It’s a Game-Changer

Using the Power Dialer has really sped up our sales activities. Instead of manually dialing each number and keeping track of who to call next, the Power Dialer automates almost everything. This saves us a ton of time and lets our sales reps focus on talking to customers and closing deals, rather than worrying about logistics.

Power Dialer Benefits For Your Business

The GoHighLevel Power Dialer offers several key benefits that can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams. Here are the primary advantages:

Increased Efficiency: The Power Dialer automates the dialing process, which means less time spent manually calling each lead. This automation allows sales reps to focus more on the conversation and less on the mechanics of dialing numbers.

Better Lead Management: With the Power Dialer, leads can be organized and prioritized in a way that ensures high-priority contacts are reached first. This helps in managing the sales pipeline more effectively.

Enhanced Productivity: By streamlining the calling process, sales reps can handle more calls in less time. This increase in productivity can lead to more opportunities and closed deals.

Reduced Idle Time: The Power Dialer moves automatically from one call to the next without significant downtime, keeping the momentum going and reducing the idle time between calls.

Improved Tracking and Analytics: GoHighLevel provides detailed analytics on call outcomes, duration, and other metrics. This data is invaluable for assessing performance, planning future strategies, and improving overall sales tactics.

Customizable Call Scripts: The Power Dialer allows for the use of customizable call scripts, which can be tailored to each call or campaign. This ensures consistency in messaging and can improve the quality of interactions.

Integration with CRM: GoHighLevel's Power Dialer is fully integrated with its CRM system. This integration ensures that all customer interactions are logged and accessible, providing a complete view of customer interactions and enabling better follow-up and relationship management.

Power Dialer Requirements Before Starting Out

To use the GoHighLevel Power Dialer, you'll need to be subscribed to one of GoHighLevel's service plans that include the dialer feature. GoHighLevel offers several subscription plans, each tailored to different types of users, from single agencies to larger enterprises. Here’s a breakdown of the main requirements:

Agency Starter Account: This plan is typically the entry-level option and is geared towards single users or small agencies. To access the Power Dialer, you might need to check if it's included in your plan or if you need to opt for an add-on or upgrade, as features can vary based on promotional offers or specific account customizations.

Agency Unlimited Account: For agencies looking to utilize GoHighLevel for multiple clients or sub-accounts, the Agency Unlimited plan usually includes the Power Dialer as part of the package. This plan offers more extensive features, including unlimited sub-accounts, which makes it ideal for larger operations that require frequent and extensive use of the dialer.

White Label Account: This plan is for users who want to resell the service under their own branding. The White Label option generally includes all the features of GoHighLevel, including the Power Dialer. This plan is suitable for those who need a fully branded solution for their clients.

If you’re new on GoHighLevel you can also use our 30-day free trial link here. This will give you all the premium features you need within a 30-day period to see if this is something you would use personally for your business.

Source: GoHighLevel

Additional Requirements and Considerations

Twilio Integration: The Power Dialer functionality relies on integration with Twilio, a popular cloud communications platform. You'll need a Twilio account and sufficient Twilio credits to handle your call volume. This integration is critical as it manages the actual call setup, SMS functionalities, and more.

Training and Onboarding: While not a subscription requirement per se, making full use of the Power Dialer's capabilities may require some training or onboarding. GoHighLevel offers resources and support to help users understand how to best utilize the tool effectively.

Compliance: Depending on your location and the nature of your calls, you may need to ensure compliance with local telecommunications regulations and standards, such as TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) in the United States. Compliance is crucial to avoid penalties and ensure that your use of automated dialing technologies adheres to legal requirements.

It’s important to verify the specific details and features included in your subscription by checking directly with GoHighLevel or reviewing your service agreement. This will ensure that you have access to the Power Dialer and are clear about any additional costs or setup requirements.

How to Set Up a GoHighLevel Power Dialer Workflow

Step 1: Access Settings

First, log into your GoHighLevel sub-account and head over to the "Settings" section. This is where all the magic begins for customizing your account to suit your needs.

Step 2: Navigate to Tabs

Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page until you see the option labeled "Tab." Click on this to open up more specific settings related to different functionalities.

Step 3: Create a New Tag

Here, you'll click on “+ New Tag.” This is crucial as tags help you organize and manage leads efficiently.

Step 4: Name Your Tag

After clicking to create a new tag, you’ll need to name it. Choose a name that helps you easily identify what the tag is used for. Once named, click "Create" to finalize the tag.

Note: This tag is important because it helps you identify and sort leads into the correct call queue, making your dialing process more organized.

Step 5: Go Back to the Dashboard

Once your tag is created, select “Back” to return to the main dashboard of your sub-account.

Step 6: Select Automation

From the dashboard, scroll down to find “Automation” and click on it. This is where you'll set up automated actions for your leads.

Step 7: Create a New Workflow

Click on “+ Create Workflow.” This will be the foundation for automating how calls are handled.

Step 8: Start from Scratch

You’ll see an option to “Start from Scratch.” Click “Continue” under this option to begin building your workflow with a clean slate.

Step 9: Name Your Workflow

At the top of the page, you’ll see a space to name your workflow. Give it a descriptive name that reflects the purpose of the workflow.

Step 10: Add a New Workflow Trigger

Click on “Add New Workflow Trigger.” This trigger is what will start your automated workflow.

Step 11: Choose Trigger Type

In the pop-up on the right-hand side, select “Contact Tag” as your trigger type.

Step 12: Add Filters

Click “+ Add Filters,” then choose “Tag Added” to specify that the trigger should fire when a tag is added to a contact.

Step 13: Specify the Tag

Here, you will select the tag you created earlier. For example, if you named your tag "SupplyGem," you would choose that.

Step 14: Save Your Trigger

After setting the tag, click “Save Trigger” to ensure this step is stored.

Step 15: Add an Action

Click the + button to add a new action that the workflow should perform after the trigger. Select “Manual Call” from the right-hand side menu. This action sets the system to prompt a call when the conditions are met.

Step 16: Save the Action

After setting up the call action, click “Save Action.”

Step 17: Complete the Workflow

Finally, click “Save” on the top right of the page to complete and activate your workflow.

Adding Your List to Power Dialer on GoHighLevel

The second step is to add your list to the power dialer, this can be done in two different ways.

First Way  – Add existing contacts to a power dialer:

Step 1: Check the boxes next to the contacts you want to import (you can import all of them if you are ready to take multiple calls or just specific ones, it’s up to you)

Step 2: Select the “Add Campaign” or “Workflow” button (It’s a button that looks like a robots head).

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select the workflow you just created.

Step 4: Contacts with that tag will now appear in your power dialer.

Second Way  – Add existing contacts to a power dialer:

Step 1: Select the import icon.

Step 2: Upload the CSV file from your desktop.

Step 3: Make sure the fields are mapped correctly (you only really need a name of the business and a phone number, email can be also added as well).

Keep in mind that sometimes the queue for the power dialer will not populate immediately. In very rare cases you will need to wait at least 30 minutes to 1 hour however that is not really that common. You can also feel free to check the completion tab that opens once you import the list with the step 2 or simply refresh GoHighLevel if it’s taking too long.

GoHighLevel Power Dialer Analytics

Source: SupplyGem.com

The GoHighLevel Power Dialer is equipped with robust call reporting analytics designed to help you optimize your sales calls and enhance overall team performance. Here’s an overview of the types of analytics and reports you can expect from using the GoHighLevel Power Dialer:

Call Outcomes: This feature tracks the result of each call made using the dialer. It allows you to categorize calls based on their outcomes, such as completed, no answer, busy, or failed. This helps in understanding the effectiveness of call times and strategies.

Call Duration: Analytics on the duration of each call are available, giving insights into how long your team members are on the phone with prospects or customers. This can help in assessing the efficiency of calls and identifying any needs for training or script adjustments.

Call Volumes: You can see the total number of calls made over a specific period. This is useful for tracking productivity and ensuring that your team is actively engaging with leads.

Success Rates: Analyze the success rate of calls based on predefined goals, such as appointment setting, sales made, or follow-up calls scheduled. This helps in measuring the effectiveness of different campaigns or call strategies.

Agent Performance Metrics: Get detailed reports on each agent's performance, including the number of calls made, call durations, outcomes, and success rates. This can be crucial for managing your sales team and providing targeted coaching to improve results.

Time of Day/Day of Week Analysis: Understand when your calls are most effective by analyzing performance across different times of the day and days of the week. This can help in optimizing call schedules to increase the likelihood of successful connections.

Conversion Tracking: Track how many calls lead to a desired action or outcome, such as a sale or a booked appointment. This is important for calculating the return on investment (ROI) of your calling campaigns.

Geographic Performance: If relevant, you can view performance based on different geographic locations to see where your calls are most effective and potentially adjust regional strategies.

Based on these analytics that are accessible through GoHighLevel’s dashboard you can clearly see the performance of your sales team. The best part is that the dashboard is simple and user-friendly which makes it great for monitoring and managing your calling campaigns within your business.

Signs Your Team Needs the GoHighLevel Power Dialer

1. You're Making Lots of Calls: If your team is spending hours each day making calls, whether it's reaching out to potential customers, following up on leads, or handling customer service, the Power Dialer can be a game-changer. It automates the dialing process, so your team spends less time dialing numbers and more time talking to people.

2. Managing Leads is Getting Complicated: As your business grows, so does the list of people you need to contact. If keeping track of who to call and when is becoming a headache, the Power Dialer can help. It organizes your leads, helps prioritize them, and ensures that you never miss a follow-up.

3. You Want to Increase Efficiency: If you feel your team could make more calls or handle more sales if they just had more time, then it’s a good moment to consider the Power Dialer. By reducing the wait time between calls and eliminating the need to manually dial numbers, your team can operate more efficiently.

4. Need Better Tracking and Analytics: Maybe you want to better understand how effective your calling strategies are. The Power Dialer doesn’t just make calls; it also provides detailed analytics on call outcomes, durations, and team performance. This data can help you make informed decisions to boost your sales process.

5. Consistency in Calls is Lacking: If you notice that the quality or consistency of your calls varies too much, the Power Dialer can help standardize the process. You can set up scripts and call objectives to ensure every call meets your business standards.

Key Takeaways

1. Automation Saves Time: The Power Dialer automates the dialing process, allowing your team to spend more time talking to prospects and less time figuring out who to call next.

2. Improved Lead Management: With features that help organize and prioritize your leads, the Power Dialer ensures you follow up with the right person at the right time.

3. Enhanced Productivity: By streamlining the calling process, your team can handle more calls in less time, boosting overall productivity.

4. Valuable Insights Through Analytics: The Power Dialer provides important analytics that can help you understand call outcomes, assess team performance, and refine your strategies for better results.

5. Consistency Across Calls: Utilizing scripts and pre-set call objectives helps maintain consistency in communication, ensuring every customer interaction aligns with your business standards.


The GoHighLevel Power Dialer isn’t just another tool—it’s a significant upgrade for any sales team focused on outreach and customer interaction. Whether you’re looking to scale your operations, enhance efficiency, or gain deeper insights into your sales process, the Power Dialer can help you achieve those goals. If your team is ready to take their productivity to the next level, consider integrating the Power Dialer into your daily operations. It’s a decision that could transform the way you connect with customers and drive your business forward. Here’s to making more successful calls and closing more deals!