A2P 10DLC for GoHighLevel Explained - What You Need to Know

June 10, 2024


A2P 10DLC stands for Application-to-Person 10-digit long code. It's a new system designed to make text messages from businesses more reliable and less likely to get blocked or filtered out as spam. Before this system, using long code SMS (those regular 10-digit phone numbers) for mass texting wasn't always reliable because carriers could filter them, thinking they were spam.

But now, with A2P 10DLC, businesses need to register with carriers. This means you tell them who you are and what types of messages you’ll be sending. This helps your texts get through to your customers without a hitch because carriers know you're legit and not a spammer.

So, if you're using or planning to use SMS to keep in touch with your customers, understanding A2P 10DLC is pretty essential. Stick with me, and I’ll explain how this can actually benefit your business and why it's worth looking into.

Why Register for A2P 10DLC?

1. Increased Delivery Reliability

Before A2P 10DLC, businesses using regular long code numbers to send out bulk texts often faced issues like messages not being delivered. This was because carriers would filter them out, mistaking them for spam. With A2P 10DLC, once you're registered, carriers know you're a legitimate business sending important info, not spam. This means your messages are much more likely to get through to your customers.

2. Reduce Filtering of Your Messages

Nobody wants their messages to be blocked or lost in spam filters. By registering for A2P 10DLC, you reduce the risk of this happening because carriers have vetted and approved your business as a known sender. This helps ensure that your communication reaches your audience as intended.

3. Maintain Your Business Reputation

Using a registered and verified system to send your messages helps maintain your business’s reputation. Customers know that the messages they are receiving from you are safe and legitimate, which builds trust.

Who Benefits from A2P 10DLC?

Businesses of All Sizes

Whether you're a small local shop sending a few hundred texts or a large corporation blasting thousands, A2P 10DLC is beneficial. It's designed to scale with your needs, offering the same reliability and trust regardless of your size.

Marketing Agencies

Agencies managing communications for multiple clients can ensure better campaign performance and client satisfaction with reliable message delivery.

Customer Service Providers

Companies that rely on SMS for customer support notifications can also see significant benefits, ensuring that critical information reaches customers without delay.

Benefits of A2P 10DLC

Source: Message Central

1. Enhanced Customer Reach

With improved delivery reliability, your messages are more likely to reach and engage your customers. This can lead to better response rates, whether you’re promoting a sale, sending appointment reminders, or providing updates.

2. Compliance and Trust

Registering with A2P 10DLC not only complies with carrier regulations but also signals to your customers that you value their security and privacy. This can enhance trust and loyalty in your brand.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

By reducing the number of messages that get filtered or blocked, you're also maximizing your investment in SMS marketing. You're not wasting money sending messages that never reach their destination.

How to Register?

Registering A2P is super important if you're planning to send text messages to your customers using GoHighLevel, as it ensures your messages get delivered reliably and you stay compliant with carrier regulations. Let’s break down the steps and what you need to know to get registered.

Step 1: Understanding Your Business Category

First things first, you need to understand which registration category fits your business. GoHighLevel uses the LC Phone System Trust Center for this registration, and here’s how the categories are generally broken down:

Sole Proprietor Brands (no Tax ID): This option will be available for individuals or small business owners who don't have a Tax ID. It’s set to start on April 17th, which is great news if you're running your business solo.

Low Volume Standard Brands (Tax ID & < 6,000 messages/day): If you have a Tax ID and your messaging needs are relatively low (meaning, you send less than 6,000 messages a day), this is the category you should look at.

Standard Brands (Tax ID & > 6,000 messages/day): For those of you with a Tax ID who need to send out a large volume of messages (more than 6,000 a day), this category will best suit your needs.

Step 2: Preparing Your Information

Before you start the registration process, make sure you have all the necessary information ready. Depending on your category, you might need different types of documentation:

Tax ID Number: Essential for most businesses except for sole proprietors who might not have one.

Business Information: This includes your business name, address, and contact information.

Estimated Messaging Volume: How many messages you plan to send each day.

Step 3: Accessing the LC Phone System Trust Center through GoHighLevel

To start the registration process, you’ll need to log into your GoHighLevel account and navigate to the settings where you manage your integrations or SMS settings. Look for an option related to A2P 10DLC or LC Phone System Trust Center. GoHighLevel should provide direct links or a step-by-step guide on how to access the Trust Center from their platform.

Since GoHighLevel also has an integration with Twilio, you can also register your A2P through Twilio as well and then connect your Twilio account to GoHighLevel. This also gives you an opportunity to do the same thing with a different A2P messaging platform which is Twilio. To verify your A2P on Twilio, you will need to follow different steps below.

Step 4: Completing Your Registration

Once you’re in the LC Phone System Trust Center, follow the instructions to complete your registration. You’ll choose your appropriate category, fill out the necessary forms with your business information and Tax ID, and provide estimates on your messaging volume. Make sure you double-check all the information to ensure accuracy before submitting.

Step 5: Confirmation and Activation

After you submit your registration, there will typically be a review process. Once approved, you’ll receive a confirmation, and your A2P 10DLC registration will be active. This means you can start sending out text messages with improved delivery reliability and compliance.

Essential Information for A2P 10DLC Registration

When you decide to register for A2P 10DLC, which stands for Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code, there are a few key pieces of information you need to have ready. This information helps carriers know who you are as a business and ensures that your messages are sent smoothly without getting blocked as spam.

1. Business Name

This one is straightforward. You'll need your official business name—the one you use in all your legal and business documents. It’s important that the name matches what’s on your business license or tax filings to avoid any discrepancies that could delay the registration process.

2. Business Address

You'll also need to provide your business address. This should be your primary place of business. Just like with your business name, the address should match the one on your official documents. If you operate in multiple locations, use the address that’s registered as your headquarters.

3. Type of Business

What kind of business are you running? You’ll need to specify your business type during the registration. This could be anything from a sole proprietorship to a corporation, a nonprofit, or another classification. Knowing the type of business helps carriers understand the context of your messaging.

4. Contact Information

Finally, you’ll need to provide your contact information. This usually includes a phone number and an email address. Make sure these are contacts you check regularly because you might receive updates or requests for additional information through these channels.

Why This Information Matters

You might be wondering why carriers need all this information just for you to send text messages. Well, the A2P 10DLC system is designed to improve the reliability of message delivery and reduce spam. By collecting this information, carriers can verify that you are a legitimate business and not a source of spam. This helps keep the texting ecosystem healthy and ensures that real, important messages get through to people without being blocked or filtered.

Best Practices For A2P 10DLC Approval

​​Consistency is Key

One of the most important factors is consistency across your campaign’s registration details. Make sure that the brand name and email domain you register match the ones you actually use in your business communications. For example, if your business is officially named "LeadConnector Inc," you should not use a generic Gmail address for your contact information. This consistency helps verify your legitimacy and reduces the risk of rejection.

Accurate Campaign Descriptions

When describing your campaign, be as detailed and accurate as possible. Clearly explain who will be sending the messages, who will receive them, and the purpose of these messages. Vague or incomplete descriptions are likely to be rejected. For instance, if your campaign involves sending OTP (One Time Passwords) for account verifications, state this clearly in your description.

Proper Use Case Selection

Choose the correct use case that matches the type of messages you'll be sending. Misalignment between your chosen use case and the actual message content can lead to rejection. For example, if you select a customer care use case but send marketing messages, your registration will not be approved.

Clear Opt-in and Opt-out Processes

Ensure that you have clear and verifiable opt-in and opt-out processes in place. This means that before sending any messages, you should have explicit consent from the recipients, and this consent should be easy to verify. Additionally, provide clear instructions in your messages for how recipients can opt out if they choose to stop receiving communications.

Sample Messages

Include sample messages in your application that accurately reflect the messages you plan to send. This helps the reviewers understand your messaging intent and ensures that your actual messages will align with what was approved during the vetting process. Make sure to indicate any templated parts of your message clearly, using brackets for variable fields.

Following these guidelines will not only help speed up the approval process but also ensure that your messaging campaigns are set up for success, staying compliant with carrier requirements. If you're looking for detailed instructions or need further guidance, GoHighLevel provides comprehensive support and resources on their platform.

Source: Textmagic

Key Takeaways

1. It's a Compliance Must-Have: A2P 10DLC isn't just another bureaucratic step; it's a necessary part of staying compliant in the world of business messaging in the US. Registering helps ensure that your messages aren’t just tossed into spam folders or, worse, blocked entirely.

2. Avoid Increased Fees: If you skip the registration, you might find yourself facing higher messaging fees. These can quickly add up, especially if you're sending out large volumes of messages. Registering helps keep costs predictable and under control.

3. Straightforward Online Registration: Thankfully, registering for A2P 10DLC isn’t a complicated maze. The process is straightforward and can be completed online through platforms like GoHighLevel. This ease of access means there’s no reason to delay getting it done.

4. Improved Message Reliability and Compliance: By registering, you’re not only complying with regulations but also improving the reliability of your message delivery. This means fewer missed connections with your customers and better overall communication.

Why It Matters

Adopting A2P 10DLC helps your business maintain a professional standard in communications. It reassures your customers that the messages they receive are legitimate and secure, enhancing trust and engagement. Plus, with the improved delivery reliability, your critical messages reach your audience effectively, supporting your marketing and customer service efforts.


In summary, A2P 10DLC registration is a crucial step for any business using SMS and MMS to communicate with customers in the US. It’s about more than just staying compliant; it’s about ensuring your communications are effective and your costs are kept in check. So, take the time to register, streamline your messaging processes, and continue building strong connections with your customers.