How to Connect ManyChat with Instagram

June 8, 2024

How To Connect ManyChat With Instagram - Introduction

If you want to make your Instagram even better, you can connect it with ManyChat. ManyChat is a cool tool that helps you send automatic messages and talk to your followers more easily. By linking it with your Instagram account, you can create automatic replies, send special messages, and keep everything organized. In this post, I’ll show you how to connect ManyChat with Instagram in a few simple steps.

ManyChat Automation With Instagram Comment

Automate Replies to Comments and DMs

One of the coolest things you can do after connecting ManyChat with Instagram is setting up automatic replies to comments and direct messages (DMs). This makes it super easy to interact with your followers without having to reply to each comment or message manually. Here’s how it works:

How It Works

  1. User Leaves a Comment: When someone leaves a comment on one of your Instagram posts, ManyChat can automatically reply to that comment. You can set it up to thank them, ask a question, or give them more info about your post.
  2. Automatic Comment Reply: ManyChat sends an automatic reply to the user’s comment. For example, if someone comments “Wow, I love this!”, ManyChat can automatically reply with “Thanks so much! Check your DMs for more info!”
  3. Send a DM: At the same time, ManyChat can also send a direct message (DM) to the user. This DM can provide more detailed information, special offers, or anything else you want to share. For example, “Hey! Thanks for your comment. Here’s a special discount just for you: [link].”
Pre made Connections and Responses in ManyChat

Setting It Up

  1. Connect ManyChat to Instagram: First, make sure your ManyChat account is connected to your Instagram account.
  2. Create an Automation: In ManyChat, go to the “Automation” section and create a new automation for Instagram comments.
  3. Set Up the Trigger: Choose “Instagram Comment” as the trigger for the automation. This tells ManyChat to start the automation whenever someone comments on your post.
  4. Write Your Responses: Write the automatic reply that will be posted as a comment. Then, write the message that will be sent as a DM. Make sure both messages are friendly and engaging.
  5. Activate the Automation: Turn on the automation so it starts working right away.


  • Save Time: You don’t have to reply to each comment and message manually.
  • Engage Followers: Automatic replies keep your followers engaged and make them feel special.
  • Promote Offers: Use DMs to send special offers or additional information that can help boost your business.

Use Cases for ManyChat and Instagram Integration

Connecting ManyChat with Instagram opens up a world of possibilities for automating your interactions and improving your marketing strategy. Here are some practical use cases to show how this system can benefit you:

1. Customer Support

Use Case: A follower comments on your post asking about the details of a product. How It Works: ManyChat can automatically reply to their comment with a brief answer and send a detailed response via DM. This ensures quick and efficient customer support, making your followers feel valued and attended to.

2. Promotions and Discounts

Use Case: You’re running a limited-time discount and want to spread the word. How It Works: When someone comments on your promotional post, ManyChat can reply with a thank you message and send a DM with a unique discount code. This personalized touch can increase engagement and sales.

3. Contest and Giveaway Management

Use Case: You’re hosting a contest and need to manage entries. How It Works: When users comment to enter the contest, ManyChat can reply to confirm their entry and send a DM with additional instructions or a thank you message. This makes managing contests easy and ensures all participants receive the necessary information.

4. Lead Generation

Use Case: You want to gather more leads for your business. How It Works: Encourage followers to comment on your post for more information. ManyChat can automatically respond with a comment and send a DM asking for their email address or other contact details. This helps you build your contact list effortlessly.

5. Product Launches

Use Case: You’re launching a new product and want to create buzz. How It Works: Announce your product in a post and ask followers to comment if they want to learn more. ManyChat can reply to comments with excitement and send a DM with exclusive information or a pre-order link, building anticipation and driving early sales.

6. Event Invitations

Use Case: You’re hosting a webinar or live event and need to invite your followers. How It Works: Post about your event and ask followers to comment if they’re interested. ManyChat can reply with a confirmation and send a DM with event details and a registration link, ensuring your followers have all the information they need to join.

7. Feedback Collection

Use Case: You want to collect feedback on a recent product or service. How It Works: Ask followers to leave a comment with their thoughts. ManyChat can reply with a thank you and send a DM with a link to a survey or a more detailed feedback form, making it easy to gather valuable insights.

Possible Challenges While Setting Up ManyChat with Instagram

While connecting ManyChat with Instagram can greatly enhance your marketing efforts and streamline your communication, there are some challenges you might face during the setup process. Here are a few potential hurdles and tips on how to overcome them:

1. Technical Issues

Challenge: Technical glitches or connectivity problems between ManyChat and Instagram. Solution: Ensure that both your Instagram account and ManyChat account are correctly set up and linked. Check for any updates or maintenance announcements from ManyChat or Instagram that might affect connectivity. If issues persist, reach out to customer support for assistance.

2. Understanding Automation Triggers

Challenge: Setting up the correct triggers and actions for your automations. Solution: Take your time to learn how automation triggers work in ManyChat. Start with simple triggers like responding to comments or DMs, and gradually move to more complex workflows. ManyChat’s tutorials and documentation can be very helpful in understanding these features.

3. Managing Permissions

Challenge: Ensuring you have the right permissions to connect and manage your Instagram account through ManyChat. Solution: Make sure you have administrative access to the Instagram account you are trying to connect. If you are working as part of a team, ensure the necessary permissions are granted by the account owner.

4. Compliance with Instagram Policies

Challenge: Adhering to Instagram’s policies on automation and messaging. Solution: Familiarize yourself with Instagram’s terms of service and community guidelines. Avoid spamming followers with too many automated messages and ensure your content is in line with Instagram’s policies. Keeping automations relevant and valuable to users helps maintain compliance and user trust.

5. Customizing Messages

Challenge: Creating personalized and engaging automated messages that don’t feel robotic. Solution: Spend time crafting your messages to sound natural and engaging. Use ManyChat’s personalization features to include user names and tailor messages based on user interactions. Testing different message styles can help you find what resonates best with your audience.

6. Monitoring and Adjusting Automations

Challenge: Ensuring that automations are running smoothly and effectively. Solution: Regularly monitor your automations to check for any issues or improvements. Use ManyChat’s analytics tools to track performance and make necessary adjustments. Feedback from followers can also provide insights into how well your automations are working.

7. Learning Curve

Challenge: Getting familiar with ManyChat’s features and interface. Solution: Take advantage of the resources available, such as ManyChat’s tutorials, webinars, and community forums. Practice setting up different types of automations and gradually increase the complexity as you become more comfortable with the platform.

Who Is This Automation Suitable For?

ManyChat Automation Idea For Instagram Comments

ManyChat and Instagram automation is a powerful tool that can benefit a wide range of users and businesses. Here’s who can get the most out of this setup:

Small Businesses

For small businesses, managing customer interactions can be time-consuming. Automation helps streamline responses to comments and DMs, allowing small business owners to focus on other important tasks. It’s perfect for businesses that need to maintain a strong online presence but have limited resources.

E-commerce Stores

E-commerce stores can use automation to handle customer inquiries, promote sales, and manage orders. Automated responses to comments about products and special offers sent via DMs can enhance customer engagement and drive sales. It’s especially useful during busy seasons or promotional b.

Influencers and Content Creators

Influencers and content creators often receive a high volume of comments and messages from followers. Automation can help manage these interactions, ensuring followers receive timely responses and feel valued. It also helps in promoting collaborations, events, and new content efficiently.

Customer Support Teams

Customer support teams can use automation to provide quick and accurate responses to common questions. This reduces the workload on human agents, allowing them to focus on more complex issues. Automated systems can handle FAQs, provide order updates, and gather customer feedback seamlessly.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies managing multiple client accounts can benefit from the efficiency of automation. It allows them to handle customer interactions for various brands, promote campaigns, and manage lead generation without overwhelming their team. This makes it easier to deliver consistent and high-quality service to all clients.

Event Organizers

Event organizers can use automation to manage RSVPs, send event reminders, and provide attendees with important information. Automating these processes ensures that attendees are well-informed and engaged, leading to smoother and more successful events.

Bloggers and Publishers

Bloggers and publishers can keep their readers engaged by automating responses to comments and promoting new articles or posts. Automation can help in building a loyal audience by ensuring that every comment and message gets a timely and personalized response.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can use automation to manage inquiries about properties, schedule viewings, and follow up with potential buyers. Automated messages can provide quick responses to questions about listings, making the process more efficient and professional.

Final Words

Integrating ManyChat automation with Instagram is a new way how you manage your online interactions. This combination allows you to automate responses, streamline customer engagement, and enhance your overall marketing strategy. Whether you’re a small business owner, an e-commerce store, an influencer, or part of a larger organization, ManyChat automation offers a range of benefits tailored to meet your needs.

With features like automated replies to comments and DMs, personalized messaging, and robust analytics, ManyChat helps you maintain a consistent and professional online presence. It saves you time, reduces the manual workload, and ensures your audience receives timely and relevant communication.

While there might be some challenges in setting up the system, such as understanding automation triggers and managing permissions, the advantages far outweigh the initial hurdles. By effectively leveraging ManyChat’s capabilities, you can improve customer satisfaction, drive engagement, and ultimately grow your business.

If you’re looking to elevate your Instagram marketing and communication efforts, ManyChat automation is a valuable tool that can help you achieve your goals. Give it a try and experience the transformative impact it can have on your online interactions!

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